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A Massage to a LEAD TEACHER

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A Massage to a LEAD TEACHER

Post  amonaquel on Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:56 pm

Dear Teacher,
                             The mere fact that you are reading this , shows how dedicated and inspirational you are.Thank you for  taking your active role in training our FUTURE WRITERS. In the few coming lines , I will explain the writing project and what is expected from YOU and YOUR STUDENTS.
                             As teachers we always ask our students to write. our method may differ in one or two techniques but we all do care about the final product which is the paragraph produced by the student. The problem with this method is that it does not inspire , motivate or teach student writing.The emphasis on correct spelling, and grammar make students feel insecure.
                             In the ( Writing Project) the main concern is to create WRITERS by removing the fear and anxieties of students.. Our LEAD TEACHERS will focus on the PROCESS of wring rather than the final product ( the paragraph).We can describe this PROCESS as : a process of discovery, a way to learn about the world and a method of communication.
                           In this forum , we will provide all the material , plans and answers you may have. If you have any comments or inquiries please feel free to add them.
Your active participation, personal experience in application or any ideas for a better application are appreciated.
Thanks a gain and happy navigation.

The English Department Supervisors.

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