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Why Narrative Writing?

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Why Narrative Writing?

Post  amonaquel on Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:21 pm

If somebody wants to teach his child writing and ask you as a teacher what type of writing would be easy to start with, what would be your answer? THINK about it.
                               Educators would suggest that you start with PERSONAL NARRATIVE WRITING for many reasons. This type of writing writing will boost the child’s writing confidence and allow the young writer to feel successful.It revolves around a very familiar subject to most young writers " I".
                               A  personal narrative describes an experience that is important to the writer. It offers a glimpse into the writer’s deepest thoughts and feelings about an event or an experience.Sharing these things can make our lives – and the lives of others – richer, fuller and meaningful.It follows a specific structure with a beginning , middle and ending no matter how long the story is. It offers a rich platform from which a young writer can experience success and self-confidently stretch and grow as a writer.
In the coming topics we will explore the process of teaching writing, techniques of teaching and plans for applying them with FUTURE WRITERS. So faten you seat belt and get ready for the QUEST.

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